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Chain technology has been greatly improved, has been a substantial improvement

Technological advances have allowed the chain of manufacturing equipment and technical levels has been substantially improved, and now a lot of efficient, advanced automation equipment production chain has basically met the needs of enterprise development .

Suitable for small and medium- size chain link plate punching device has increased the development of stand-alone single-person operation to today's automated assembly line stamping technology level has been rapidly increasing. Many manufacturers use more imported or domestic high-speed presses, to achieve a large volume of steel automatic feed , roll feed , progressive dies and molds and more complex pieces of automatic punching , blanking speed of 120-240 beats / min , product specifications from the Festival from 6.35 to 25.4mm, production efficiency approaching or have reached the international advanced level, but there are still many enterprises still remain in its original level , especially in the low level of non- standard shaped stamping automation chain , need to be improved .

At present, many manufacturers used the chain pin machine implementation of cutting off the device can not Zaigua flattened head , and die cut using a high-speed wearable new material, greatly improving the life for standard 19.05mm pitch roll chains, but does not apply to large-sized chain. Currently the large size of the chain pin is still used in metal cutting equipment , but a few use the hot forging process, the process has greatly improved labor productivity and material utilization, reduce manufacturing cost.

When multi-use sleeve forming machine manufacturers in the production chain pitch of 38.1mm standard roller chain sleeve , because the device has to improve production efficiency and quality rolled greatly improved roundness and sleeve seams close advantages degree , but there are also a large professional manufacturers specifications chain sleeve seam and the rolling process is very advanced , which can effectively reduce production costs. Slit sleeve is gradually replaced by a seamless sleeve , while some manufacturers are gradually promote the use of cold heading methods in the processing of the sleeve process.

As technology advances , the chain assembly machine technology has been greatly improved , especially high-speed assembly automation technology to promote the chain is shortened the gap between China and developed countries made the chain level , which greatly improves the positioning accuracy of the assembly , effectively increasing the assembly efficiency , but in the big chain assembly level specification is still relatively backward, to be improved.

Cutting and more common type is commonly used in domestic chain mold tool manufacturers , low precision of the tool , unable to meet the accuracy requirements of precision chain , to improve the accuracy of the chain , the country has a small number of manufacturers to start using the coordinates of grinding, CNC milling machines , precision CNC wire cutting , and even some manufacturers also uses vacuum mold hardening furnace , designed to improve die life.